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I have been privileged to advise a select band of postgraduates.


Chang Wei Tan, PhD. (2019) (primary supervisor), now at Monash.
Sameen Maruf, PhD. (2019) (associate supervisor), now at Monash.
Jiangning Song, PhD. (2018) (primary supervisor), now at Monash University. [ thesis ]  Recipient of the Mollie Holman Medal.
Thilak L Fernando, PhD. (2017) (primary supervisor), now at Axicor. [ thesis ]
Benjamin Porebski, PhD. (2016)  (associate supervisor), now at University of Cambridge. [ thesis ]
Khalid Mahmood, PhD (2011)  (joint supervisor), now at VLSCI.
Fei Zheng, PhD (2008). [ thesis ], now at ANZ.
James Pearce, DTech (2005) (associate supervisor), now at Suncorp Group.
Damian Brain, PhD (2004), now at National Australia Bank. [ thesis ]
Ying Yang, PhD (2003), now at Australian Taxation Office. [ thesis ]
Bark Cheung Chiu, PhD (1999).
Doug Newlands, PhD (1998).
Phil Smith, PhD (1999), now retired.
Simon Yip, PhD (1995).
Mark Kuzmycz, PhD (1997), now at Oracle.


Shane Butler, MIT (Research) (2006), now at Telstra.  [ Honours thesis ]
Shiying Huang, MIT (Research) (2005), now at Google. [ thesis ]