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Grant successes

The Australian Research Council has funded the following two projects:

Electronic skin nanopatches for continuous blood pressure monitoring
Prof Wenlong Cheng (Chief Investigator)
Prof Andrew Tonkin (Chief Investigator)
A/Prof Bing Wang (Chief Investigator)
Prof Geoffrey Webb (Chief Investigator)
Dr Stephen Wang (Chief Investigator)
Prof David Kaye (Partner Investigator)
Dr Yijia Li (Partner Investigator)
Mr Paul Carboon (Partner Investigator)
Summary: This project aims to develop soft, thin, wearable and non-invasive heart health monitors that continuously monitor blood pressures anytime anywhere, using an electronic skin technology platform with the world’s thinnest gold nanowires. Nanotechnologists, electrical engineers, clinicians, information technologists and industrial designers will collaborate to develop blood pressure correlation algorithms and evaluate sensing performances. New knowledge and commercial technologies will make Australian medical technology industries competitive global leaders in wearable technology industries.
Funding: $380,000

Legal and social dynamics of ebook lending in Australia’s public libraries
Dr Rebecca Giblin (Chief Investigator)
A/Prof Kimberlee Weatherall (Chief Investigator)
Prof Julian Thomas (Chief Investigator)
Prof Geoffrey Webb (Chief Investigator)
Summary: This project aims to develop an evidence base of quantitative and qualitative data about how eBooks are used in libraries. EBooks have tremendous beneficial potential, particularly for Australians in remote areas and those with impaired mobility or vision. However, libraries’ rights to acquire and lend them are more restricted than for physical books. Libraries and legal, social and data science researchers will investigate eBook lending practices and understand their social impacts. The project will identify ways of reforming policy, law, and practice to help libraries fulfil their public interest missions. This project is expected to enable libraries to extract more value from existing public investments.
Funding: $252,000